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It’s no secret that employees do not exist inside a bubble. They lead very dynamic lives outside of work that inherently affect their actions and productivity in the office.

Investing in your employees’ wellness outside of work is one of the best ways to improve morale in your business, and in turn, improve your bottom line. Here is everything you need to know about how engaging employees with their health, both inside and outside of work, can help improve your business’s daily operations.

Healthy employers are more productive employees

Employers want their employees to invest in their health. The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that nearly 60% of employees felt their employers should play a role in improving their health, yet fewer than half felt their employers were actively doing do.

When employers do invest in employee wellness, it can improve their business in the long run. Stand Desk reported on a study conducted by the World Economic Forum and the Harvard Business School of Public Health found that employees with healthy habits, like eating well and exercising regularly, are 3.1 times more productive than their peers.

This increased productivity means employees are working more efficiently and effectively. Your business can see improvements in revenue and a better office environment.

Decrease instances of absenteeism

It may come as no surprise that when employees are more engaged with their wellness, they’re physically healthier and take fewer sick days. NeoPath Health estimated that absenteeism – when employees call out of work – costs employers roughly $3,600 per year for each hourly worker. For salaried employees, the cost is slightly less at $2,650.

Employees commonly call out when they are not feeling well or are distracted by personal issues. Instead of getting the support they need or getting better, this cycle continues. Yet, a report by Brigham Young University found that when employees maintain a good diet and exercise regularly absenteeism is reduced by 27%.

Businesses can save money by not only having more productive employees, but having them show up to work and be completely present more often.

Get employees engaged with their health with Exectras

Offering a comprehensive employee wellness program doesn’t have to be expensive. When you sign up for an Exectras Membership, not only do you receive access to outstanding business services at discounted rates, but also a unique menu of employee menu and perks.

At no extra cost to your company, employees can access some of the most sought-after benefits including a physical wellness program and a financial literacy program. This is a great way to demonstrate to your employees how much you value them and their well-being. Each employee receives their own private wellness account where they can access their benefits and goal setting so they interact with their health at their own pace.

Our attentive team is here to help you get started with an Exectras Membership so you can begin reaping the benefits of a cost-effective and comprehensive perks program for your employees. Contact us today for more information.