At Exectras, we believe that every business and every employee can be positively impacted by our premier services.

Business owners should never have to choose between improving their bottom line and providing employee benefits, and with Exectras, they won’t have to. When you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business, supporting a healthy and sustainable revenue cycle.

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A unique program from a unique company

With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we have nurtured partnerships with the nation’s best insurance and benefits providers. We realized that small and medium-sized businesses could benefit from the same services utilized by Fortune 500 companies, but in many circumstances they do not have the financial means or connections to purchase them.

Enrich your employees’ lives

Exectras offers a unique membership opportunity that gives participants immediate access to deeply discounted operational services all businesses require coupled with an enterprise class suite of employee benefits designed to help your team be healthier and more productive – at no additional cost to your business. 

Enrich Employees Lives
Financial Goals

Reach your financial goals

We level the playing field and give every business the opportunity to utilize services that can optimize their performance while improving their bottom line. 

Take better care and control of your business

We accomplish this by harnessing the purchasing power of more than 800,000 businesses in our network to provide a premium suite of solutions that have, historically, not been available to the community of small- and mid-sized businesses.

How it works

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Business Services

We provide Fortune 500 services at heavily discounted rates and offer unique programs, such as our Credit Card Processing program that gives you the ability to accept credit cards and never pay processor fees again. Your business will be operating at peak efficiency while driving increased revenue to improve your bottom line.

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Employee Perks

 With an Exectras membership, your employees automatically gain access to an unmatched menu of benefits that promote physical and financial wellness. Happy employees are productive employees, and these perks can help your business attract and retain top talent.

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