Exectras for Associations

With a membership network more than 800,000 strong, we make Fortune-500-level performance business services and employee benefits affordable for small and mid-sized companies.
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Drive Membership, Increase Loyalty, Generate Revenue

The Exectras program offers your membership great discounts and benefits they can’t find anywhere else. You’ll be offering them a portfolio of carefully curated and managed business services and employee perks they would have to research themselves without the benefit of knowing they were getting the best available options. And it provides a non-dues revenue source to your association.

Here’s How That Works.
  • Your member company signs up for the Exectras Program for a monthly fee based on the size of their company.
  • They get access to discounted business services that will help them save money and operate more efficiently.
  • Their employees get immediate access to a full portfolio of benefits that help them save money and promote physical and financial wellbeing.
  • From each monthly fee that each member pays for the Exectras program, your association could receive up to 20%. That’s non-dues revenue. You can choose to pass these savings along to your members.

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Exectras and associations pair well together. We add value to your membership, and you add strength to our network, which is how we are able to offer our benefits and services at such great rates. A productive, profitable, mutually beneficial relationship is but a few clicks or a phone call away.

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