See how partnering with Exectras can benefit your association

With a membership network of more than 800,000 partners strong, we make Fortune 500, world-class business services and employee benefits affordable and attainable for small and mid-sized companies within your association.

We can tailor our partner reward program to best fit your organization’s requirements. With Exectras, your association will:

Drive Membership

As part of the Exectras Program, your members or franchisees receive exclusive discounts on world-class business services and the most sought-after employee perks and programs.

Increase Loyalty

Your members will see the value in our carefully selected services and programs and will never want to leave.

Generate Revenue

Receive up to 20% in non-dues revenue from each member that joins the Exectras Program.

Improve Engagement

Get your members excited to engage, join and stay with your association when they are offered business solutions and employee benefits that help them run more profitably.

How it works

Our program offers your members great discounts and benefits that they can’t find anywhere else. You’ll be offering them a free portfolio of carefully curated and managed business services and employee perks they would have to research themselves. We’ve done the hard work for you so your members are only receiving the best services and programs available to benefit their businesses’ bottom line.


Your members sign up for the Exectras Program for a monthly fee based on the size of the company.


As part of the Exectras Program, they get access to discounted business services that can help them save money and operate more efficiently.


Their employees are granted immediate access to a full portfolio of benefits that help them save money on sought after insurance products and promote physical and financial well-being.


From the monthly fee that each member pays to the Exectras Program, your association could receive up to 20% of the membership fees paid by your members.

Become a Partner

Our partners

Check out some of the associations across many different industries who have partnered with Exectras.

Summit Optical
First Eye Care
Health First
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Are you a service provider?

Do you provide exceptional business services or employee benefits that align with our goals? By adding your services to our portfolio, you receive instant sales opportunities in previously untapped markets and reduce the cost of account acquisition.

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Your members can benefit from our:

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Business Services

We provide Fortune 500 services at heavily discounted rates and offer unique programs, such as our Credit Card Processing program that gives you the ability to accept credit cards and never pay processor fees again. Your business will be operating at peak efficiency while driving increased revenue to improve your bottom line.

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Employee Perks

 With an Exectras membership, your employees automatically gain access to an unmatched menu of benefits that promote physical and financial wellness. Happy employees are productive employees, and these perks can help your business attract and retain top talent.

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