Celebrating Joe Cherry’s Exceptional Achievements: A Lifetime Achievement Award and Honorary Doctorate

At Exectras, we take immense pride in the accomplishments of our founder and owner, Joe Cherry. It is with great pleasure and profound honor that we announce Mr. Cherry’s recent recognition and accolades: the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and an Honorary Doctorate of Humanitarianism from the esteemed Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University (SGLU). These

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What you can expect from Exectras

At Exectras, we understand that it can be difficult for small- and medium-sized businesses to compete with large corporations. That’s why we created the Exectras Program, where for one small monthly fee, your business can gain access to the tools and benefits it needs to flourish in the modern competitive landscape. Here is what you

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Offering a retirement plan for employees has never been easier

Owners of small and mid-sized businesses are constantly wearing different hats throughout the day to keep their companies operating smoothly. From handling paperwork and employees to meeting customers’ expectations, there’s a lot to manage just on a day-by-day basis. While balancing daily operations with cost-saving efforts to improve the business’s bottom line, retirement planning often gets overlooked.

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Attract and retain top talent with employee benefits

As a business owner, offering employee benefits is critical to the longevity and financial success of your company. The modern workforce is increasingly placing more significance on perks and benefits when job searching and making employment decisions. We’re here to help you understand how benefits attract and retain employees – including how to offer the