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How much are processing fees costing your company? How much are processing fees costing your company? - Business owners have long believed that processing fees were just a regular cost of operating a business. After all, being able to accept credit card payments is necessary in this day and age to have a successful company.With this being said, not all credit card processors are created equal. After many years in operation, a business could be spending thousands on processing fees with no other benefit than allowing them to continue accepting payments.While this is no doubt a necessary… Continue Reading
Saving money for your business 4 Ways For Small Businesses to Save Big - Every small-business owner understands the conflict of wanting to save money without sacrificing the quality of their company. It seems like with every cost-saving solution there is a drawback that will negatively affect customer experience or employee benefits. Most budgeting tips are geared toward start-ups that are struggling to ramp up sales, but even well-established small businesses can experience the stress of working within a budget. Especially during times of growth, business owners need to allocate funds for improving infrastructure… Continue Reading
Is your company ready for open enrollment? - It’s almost that time of year again - November enrollment is right around the corner. Like years past, the open enrollment period for 2020 will begin November 1, 2019 and end December 15, 2019. This is a critical time for employees and employers alike to get their medical coverage in order for the next year. Employees are expected to review plan materials and ask questions before enrolling while employers are reliant on this information to see how it will affect… Continue Reading