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credit card processing + free membership

We are here for you during (and beyond) COVID-19

During these challenging times, we are offering a unique free membership opportunity to bring value to your business. When Exectras manages your organization’s credit card processing, the company receives a free membership to utilize a wide range of employee perks and wellness benefits as well.

One of these sought-after benefits includes 24/7/365 access to America’s #1 Telehealth network. For only $15 a visit – one of the lowest fees in the country – every employee, and their entire family, can connect with a doctor by phone, video or through a mobile app to discuss symptoms, get a diagnosis and even receive a prescription, if necessary, that will be sent to a pharmacy of their choosing.

This is just one of the many total wellness benefits you, your employees and their families can take advantage of when you partner with Exectras.

Interested in seeing what other services Exectras can provide your business? Learn more about our Merchant Services offerings below, or explore our employee perks.

Eliminate all mark-up fees

Every time you make a sale is a win for your business, but do you ever pause to wonder “Why is it costing my organization so much money to accept credit cards?” The truth is, banks, processing brokers and processing companies all tack on their own mark-up fees along the way, so the final cost you pay is inflated so they can make a profit. You may be surprised to find out that, on average, 40-50% of what you pay to accept credit cards is for mark-up fees!

We offer the only programs in America that truly eliminate all mark-up fees so your company can have thousands of dollars returned to your bottom line.

Stop paying credit card processing company fees to accept credit cards

We understand that as a business owner you want the ability to accept credit cards to make a sale today and have the funds deposited into your account as quickly as possible. Additionally, you want to pay the minimum amount of fees possible.

We make that possible with two unique programs guaranteed to save your business money and provide additional “value” by giving every employee Fortune 500-level perks and benefits, for free!

No Mark-Up Program

Say goodbye to all mark-up fees with this one-of-a-kind program that eliminates all added charges your current processor profits from:

  • Hidden Fees
  • Discount Rate
  • Annual Fees
  • Batch Fees
  • Set-up Fees
  • PCI Fees*
  • Termination Fees
  • Statement Fees

Your business only pays true interchange and bank fees with no price increase….EVER!

The average Exectras Member saves $570 a month with the No Mark-Up Program.
You also receive a $0 deductible, $100,000 per incident Data Breach Policy with this program.

*Merchants must meet PCI Compliant standards and utilize our PCI Secure Terminals or POS systems. Each terminal is only $29.95 monthly on a month-to-month rental.

No Cost Program

Never want to pay a processing fee again? It’s possible with Exectras! We offer the only program in America that eliminates 100% of all processing fees so you will never pay to accept credit card payments again.

There is simply a small administrative service charge added to every service provided or product sold. You collect the service fees daily, and at the end of the month, the bank withdraws the fees automatically from your account.This completely customizable program allows you to also choose to waive the service charge for certain services or products – just ask us for details!

Like with all our world-class business services, our goal is to provide your organization with the tools to make daily operations easier and improve your bottom line. With our No Cost Program you can stimulate more sales by using this program on high-ticket items or promotions such as “Purchase any new frame or lens in September and SAVE 3.5%!”

You will also receive a new state-of-the-art terminal at no additional cost* and a $0 deductible, $100,000 per incident Data Breach Policy.


*A minimum monthly processing volume of $15,000.00 is required to receive a free terminal. Each additional terminal is only $29.95 monthly on a month-to-month rental.

More than merchant services

Eliminating excess fees is just one great benefit of utilizing one of our Merchant Services Programs. Along with immediate access to a menu of world-class employee perks, you also gain free access to FirstView – a powerful tool to help you plan, execute and grow your business.

With Exectras Merchant Services, you’re protected against theft of cardholder information. You can rest assured you’re adhering to the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Global Standard, including data encryption, end-user access control and activity monitoring.

Finally, you receive world-class service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from our award winning, and industry recognized, service partner and member support team.