Tailored insurance and risk management solutions

From lawsuits arising out of medical billing errors to the financial costs associated with privacy breaches, Exectras has tailored insurance and risk management solutions needed for professionals operating within the healthcare space.

Coverage modules

Coverage is provided on a modular basis, with independent insuring agreements for medical billing services as well as a network security, HIPAA violations, and other critical privacy related exposures. Modules include:

Billing Errors & Omissions

This is coverage for third party claims arising out of a wrongful act in the performance of or failure to perform medical billing and coding services.

Event Support Expenses

Provides coverage for the costs of averting or mitigating public relations damage following a network event, including notification; as well as the offering of a credit monitoring service to individuals whose personal information may have been compromised.

Audit Expenses

This covers the cost and expenses for an independent audit to be undertaken into the billing practices following notification of an actual or alleged wrongful act.

Privacy Regulatory Defense and Penalties

This is coverage for defense costs and fines/penalties for violations of privacy regulations, including HIPAA, Red Flags Rule, and the Hi-Tech Act.

Security and Privacy Liability

Provides coverage for an insured person’s failure to protect confidential information and associated legal liability.

Network Extortion

Provides coverage to pay for an extortion threat against the insured’s network.

Multimedia and Intellectual Property Liability

Provides coverage for an insured person’s liability arising from advertising and intellectual property risks.

Reputational Damage

Provides coverage for business income loss arising from a loss of services contract and reduction in brand value following a network event.

Network Interruption and Recovery

Provides coverage for a company’s own losses and rectification costs from network interruption or following a security breach.

Risk management services

We are pleased to offer a free suite of services to all insured which provides our policyholders with access to their own web portal and consultancy hotline supported by IDT911, a leading provider of identity and data risk management, resolution and education services.

Our dedicated web portal provides links to risk management tools and resources to help to understand the risk and how to respond in the event of a breach.

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  • Breach tools and compliance information giving samples of incident response plans, notification letters to consumers, breach regulation summaries and quick reference guide
  • Get the inside track on state laws
Educational Resources
  • Glossary of privacy, identity theft and breach terms
  • Data protection tips for businesses
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Crisis Resolution
  • Mitigating your risk
  • Breach assessment
  • Sample response documents
  • Crisis management services
  • Claims handling
  • Breach services consulting
  • Media involvement
  • Breach notifications
  • Call handling by fraud specialists