Your employees will appreciate these benefits

As part of the Exectras Program, your employees get immediate access to this unique package of benefits that promote total well-being through physical, emotional and financial support services and programs.

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Virtual Primary Care

Provide Your Employees with Access To On-Demand, Online Care 24/7/365 for their Health Concerns.


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Prescription Marketplace

Save up to 88% on your prescription medications. rxless lets you quickly search millions of prescription medication prices from our trusted partners, then shows you the best price at each pharmacy in your area.

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Physical Wellness Program

Harness the power of activity tracking apps, wearable devices and interactive competition through your own, personalized physical wellness program. Join fun challenges that track you and your families health progress with support from an online community.

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Home & Auto Insurance

Enjoy exclusive savings on auto and home insurance along with all the advantages of being a customer from our partner, Liberty Mutual. 

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Financial Literacy Program

Access a powerful, personalized tool to help understand important financial principles and improve your money management. It all starts with an in-depth personal financial health assessment to deliver you rich, interactive and engaging educational financial modules.

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Interest-Free Credit

When faced with an emergency or unexpected purchase, Zebit has you covered. Receive interest-free credit based on your income and/or employment so you can pay over time for the things you need and build a strong financial foundation.

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ID Theft Resolution

Receive expert assistance in the event you’ve had your personal information fraudulently used by identity thieves. The fraud specialists work with all creditors, agencies, law enforcement and collection companies to advocate for your protection.

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Setting the standard for employee benefits

We understand that you want to take care of your employees, but providing a comprehensive benefits package can be expensive. That’s why we made it our mission to change this standard so that you can provide quality perks and programs to your team without sacrificing your company’s profits.

When you join the Exectras Program, your employees gain immediate access to the most sought-after employee perks and benefits only offered by Fortune 500 companies – at no extra cost to you! No matter the size of your business, you can offer your employees an unmatched menu of benefits that promote total employee wellness – physical, emotional and financial – through unique, personalized programs.

Our carefully curated suite of employee benefits help your employees where they need support the most – both in and out of the workplace. By investing in their well-being, you are investing in your company and it’s future. 

The best part? You’ll never pay a dime to provide these Fortune 500-level perks to your team!

Never sacrifice your employees’ well-being to benefit your bottom line again with Exectras Employee Perks.

What do employees want from their benefits?

Any business owner knows it can be difficult to offer benefits that will appeal to every member of your team. Investing in a unique program can be expensive, and if it’s underutilized it’s money lost. Yet, it’s difficult to know which perks employees value the most.

Crafting a benefits plan that appeals to every employee can seem nearly impossible, but Exectras makes it easy by providing a comprehensive menu of perks that employees can pick and choose to engage with all on one, user-friendly personalized platform.

While health insurance and paid time off are essentials, the modern workforce is craving more from their employer-sponsored benefits. Today, the No.1 benefit desired by employees is a financial wellness program, followed by mental health benefits. 

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Across generations, physical and financial wellness programs appeal to the majority of employees yet are still not as accessible as traditional perks. Forego the free office snacks and provide your employees with a holistic benefits package that meets their immediate needs and supports the long-term goals of a diverse workforce with the tools they need to help them improve their lives at home and at work.

87% of employees would prefer more comprehensive benefits over a pay raise

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business and customers.

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Happy employees are…


Physical wellness benefits help your employees stay in peak emotional and physical shape. When they are encouraged to proactively engage with their health, employees take less sick days and work more efficiently.

Mental health is equally as important. When employees are stressed, they are not performing at their best. Offering programs to ease major anxieties outside of the workplace means employees can give 100% of themselves at the office.

33% of employees admit to not being able to work to their full potential because of financial stress.

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When employees are healthy and their stress is reduced, they are happier. In turn, they bring their positive attitude into work everyday. They will pass on their energy to everyone they interact with, improving the customer experience with enhanced service. 

More than 30% of employees say the stress caused by financial worries has negatively affected their health.


For 41% of small business employees, benefits are crucial when accepting a new job, second only to salary. Offering exceptional employee benefits helps retain top talent and attract better qualified leads, improving the bench strength of your team. Offering a robust benefits plan can make your business stand out from the competition and shows your employees you invest in them as much as they invest in your company.

75% of prospective employees say a good benefits package would make them choose one job over another.

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The Exectras difference

Business Services

Free employee benefits are just one part of being an Exectras Member. Our premium performance business services help ensure that a variety of important, daily processes are handled efficiently and affordably, so you can spend more time focusing on running your company. Start taking advantage of things like our merchant services, payroll and HR/PEO services today. 

Your business will be operating at peak efficiency while driving increased revenue to improve your bottom line.

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The Exectras Exclusive

Learn more about how offering employee perks and benefits can help your employees save more, live healthier and be happier, which will positively impact your business’s bottom line.

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