The Employee Prescription Card

The cost of healthcare continues to be a major issue for families all across the country. Exectras can help alleviate stress and save you some money in the area of prescription medication.

The GlicRX Discount Prescription Card is one of the most aggressively negotiated discount Rx cards in the U.S. This card saves people up to 80%* off brand and generic medications at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and many others. It provides a huge relief for people who don’t have prescription coverage, are underinsured, or have high co-pays.

Our discounts are so good, that many times, when you use our card, the price of prescription medication is less than some of the high co-pays many people now have.

The GlicRx Prescription Savings Program is not insurance. To learn more about the GlicRx Prescription Savings Program, including eligible pharmacies, included prescriptions and related pricing, and other important terms and conditions and contact information, click here.

* Prescription savings vary by prescription and by pharmacy, and may reach up to 80% off of the cash price.

Benefits every employee can appreciate

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Healthcare is a major concern for all Americans. From employers to nonprofit organizations to each consumer, everyone acknowledges the problems created when spiraling costs force people to choose between taking care of their health or paying bills. We recognize the need for affordable solutions to the healthcare dilemma; our solution is the GlicRx free Rx discount card.

  • 50% average discount per prescription
  • $50-$60 average savings per prescription
  • 10-30% better U&C rate than the competition