Take advantage of an award-winning financial wellness platform

Exectras partners with an organization that has proven to be an invaluable resource for people looking to improve their financial well-being. The financial wellness program that your employees have access to is a thoughtful, engaging, customizable learning experience that works.

The program provides a personalized hub of deeply informative financial content, with recommendations on articles and videos and a host of resources.

For each employee, the process starts with an in-depth personal financial health assessment to determine their greatest needs or interests, then delivers rich, interactive, and engaging educational modules in the following areas:

  • Smart Spending & Budgeting
  • Banking
  • Your Paycheck
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Reports
  • Identity Theft
  • Saving & Investing
  • Education & Paying for College
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Show your employees you care about their financial health

This is a very powerful tool that will benefit all your employees, and it’s available to them as part of your membership in the Exectras Program. Start learning more today.