The Exectras Program

Our unique portfolio of services and employee benefits will enhance your business on many levels.
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How It Works

Exectras is a membership-based discount services company. You pay one small monthly fee and your membership gives you access to outstanding, Fortune 500, business services at discounted rates. The Exectras program also enables you to provide a unique menu of perks and programs for employees.

Why We Get Great Rates

These perks and services are provided by the nation’s best providers, and are typically only affordable to Fortune 500 companies. But because we leverage a network of 800,000 businesses nationwide, we are able to provide these offerings at significantly discounted rates. We constantly research the market to ensure you get the best-in-class provider for every service.

Ongoing Benefit

The more services and benefits you use, the more valuable the program becomes.

You also have the support of our customer service team, which can answer all of your questions about the Exectras program, and can put you in touch with the right people and resources from each and every provider of the outstanding services we offer.

Invaluable Tools and Benefits for One Low Price

The monthly or annual fee for membership in the Exectras Program is based on the number of employees you have. For a breakdown, please see the table below. For further detail, feel free to contact an Exectras account representative today.

Standard Membership

Total # of Employees Monthly Fee Annual Fee*
1-5 $75.00 $855.00
6-10 $125.00 $1,425.00
11-15 $175.00 $1,995.00
16-25 $250.00 $2,850.00
26-35 $300.00 $3,420.00
36-50 $350.00 $3,990.00


Custom Membership

Total # of Employees Monthly Fee Annual Fee*
51-250** $355.00 $4,047.00
251+ Custom Quote

*Annual membership qualifies for a 5% discount.
* * The membership fee is $5.00 per additional employee, per month, for all employees over 50, but less than 251.

Optimize processes, Enrich people

A Portfolio of Services and Benefits You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

The Exectras Program includes business performance services that optimize your critical processes. From merchant processing at true interchange costs, to convenient payroll services, to access to small business loans and much more. What’s more, you and your employees can access products and services that enrich lives and cultivate loyalty, at a significantly discounted rate.
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Start Benefitting Today

If you’d like to learn more about the business services or employee perks or to have an Exectras representative explain the program in more detail, contact a customer service representative today.
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