Retirement Services

Many employers believe offering a retirement plan is too costly and resource intensive. It doesn’t have to be! EZ IRA is cost-effective for you and priceless for your employees.
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EZ IRA Allows You to Provide a Retirement Program for Your Employees Without Impacting Your Budget or Resources: 

●  Get Started in Minutes 
●  No Employer Contributions 
●  Total Employer Annual Cost $100.00 
●  Attract and Retain Valuable Employees 
●  No 5500 Filing or Testing like 401K plans 
●  No Minimum Participation Requirements 
●  Available to Part-Time, Full-Time, 1099s and Owners

Everything your employees need to build and manage their retirement portfolio- in one place


Automatic Funding
  • Participants’ EZ IRA accounts are funded through payroll deductions
Approved Financial Advisors
  • EZ IRA offers participants’ the option to work with a pre-approved financial advisor or choose to work with their own
Best In-Class Fund Options
  • Participants funds are invested in Legg Mason investment options
Traditional or Roth IRA
  • Participants have the option to choose between a traditional or Roth IRA
EZ Management
  • Each participant receives their own personal account to manage and track their investments