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Pay No Processor Fees EVER! Instead save 100’s even 1000’s monthly.
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Pay No Processor Fees

Exectras provides merchant processing at true interchange cost and bank fees. We are not a processing company. We are a membership company that researches providers all across the country so that we can make available to you the best services, programs and pricing structures in America. We leverage our network of 800,000 businesses, and the result is that our average member saves over $570 per month on Merchant Services alone.

Here is what you can expect:

• $0 Statement Fee
• $0 Discount rate
• No annual fees
• No batch fees

• No set-up fee*
• No termination fee
• No hidden fees
• No PCI fees*

Become a member of the Exectras program and, as a member, you receive a $0 Deductible, $100,000 per incident Data Breach Policy.

*Merchant must meet PCI Compliant standards and utilize our PCI Secure Terminals or POS systems. If a Merchant does not utilize our PCI Secure Terminals or POS Systems, a one-time set-up fee is required.

Get tools and expert customer service

Eliminating the excess fees is just one great benefit our Merchant Services offers. You get free access to FirstView – the power of reporting in a tool that will help you plan, execute and grow your business. Our solution provides e-commerce, mobile, virtual terminal and EMV terminal processing. You can process electronic checks, credit, debit and gift cards.

With Exectras Merchant Services, you’re protected against theft of cardholder information. And you can rest assured you are adhering to the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Global Standard, including data encryption, end-user access control and activity monitoring.

Finally, receive world-class service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Exectras is a registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank, N.A., Cincinnati, OH