Cyber Privacy & Liability

Exectras offers the #1 cyber and privacy liability insurance package in America.

Up to $1 million coverage

Despite the best efforts of businesses to protect themselves, the frequency and gravity of data theft is increasing. It can become prohibitively expensive and time consuming to deal with a breach of security or an incident of data theft.

With Exectras Cyber Liability Protection, you get industry leading, hassle-free benefits, all from one source. And we offer specific expertise in the medical and financial industries.

For most areas of coverage we offer protection up to $1 million, so you can have peace of mind that your business will not be disrupted.

Are you vulnerable?

Do you store sensitive data about your clients? Do you use computers, mobile devices or the Internet? Do you wonder if all your employees are trustworthy? Do you accept credit card payments by Internet or phone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are vulnerable.


Protect your business and your reputation

When your business is online, it is vulnerable. Exectras protects against cyber risks such as hacking attacks, computer viruses and system damage or interruption. While digital advertising can generate revenue, it can also expose your business. Exectras protects against defamation as well as infringement on privacy.

Cyber Liability Protection is available to all small to mid-sized businesses and is specifically tailored to meet the unique exposures for all medical operations. Coverage includes:

  • Full policy limits to address HIPAA, HITECH and PCI fines or penalties from regulatory actions or investigations
  • Protection for security breach of ALL your data or data for which you’re responsible that is located in the “Cloud”
  • Cyber business interruption – Full reimbursement of your lost profits!
  • Clean up of actual or suspected breach of all (PII) personal identifiable information, personal healthcare information (PHI) and even your credit card information (PCI)
  • Clean up of credit damage, reputation, false or misleading social media information, loss of current or future customers from false information

And if that wasn’t enough, as with all Exectras services, when you enroll in our Cyber Liability program, you earn double the points towards our College Scholarship Benefit.

The cyber protection no-brainer

In the digitally dominant business environment we all operate in today, you simply must make sure your data is protected. The Exectras Cyber & Privacy Liability Protection provides industry-leading benefits. Contact us to enroll today.

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