Physical Wellness

A healthier employee is a more productive employee. Your membership in the Exectras Program enables you to provide your people with an outstanding, comprehensive physical wellness program that is both engaging and convenient.
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Raise the health of your company to a whole new level.

Typically an organization has to vet potential service providers for wellness initiatives. With Exectras, we partner with the best in the business.

When you enroll in the Exectras membership program, you will have the opportunity to give your employees interactive health tools and a supportive online community year round. Exectras, along with our partner Total Health Interactive, helps you harness the power of activity tracking apps, wearable devices and interactive competition to bring you the very best in corporate wellness.

This is a great way to demonstrate to your employees how much you value them and their well-being. Because in the Exectras program, each employee can receive his or her own private wellness account and access to, among other things:

  • Fitness and wellness challenges featuring great prizes
  • Engaging online community
  • Fitness videos and tracking
  • Nutrition tracking, recipes and meal plans
  • Weekly health tips
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability partners
  • Access to wellness, fitness and weight loss programs
  • Free mobile app
  • Health reward tokens with health reward store
  • Weekly wellness newsletter
  • Optional one-on-one health coaching

Nutrition log and guidance

Employees can log their food intake and see a full calorie breakdown from day to day. Logging food intake is made easy with an extensive food library, as well as the ability to create custom meals. Healthy recipes and eating resources help everyone stay on track.

Fitness log and guidance

In addition to tracking food consumption, employees can track how many calories they burn each day by logging their physical activity. Total Health Interactive has a library of exercise videos available to demonstrate how to exercise properly and safely.

Wearable app and device integration

Total Health Interactive has the ability to sync with various activity devices including Fitbit and Polar Heart Rate monitors, as well as the thousands of devices/apps compatible with HealthKit and GoogleFit. Verifiable data allows you to confidently reward your employees’ healthy activity.

Wellness Challenges

You can utilize activity tracking apps, wearable devices, online community and interactive competition to activate fitness challenges for your company. These are fun and can build so much more than muscle and endurance.

  • Provides powerful team building
  • Builds loyalty and rewards staff
  • Motivates staff with fun competition
  • Engages employees in a unique way
  • Improves the health of your workforce
  • Challenges include turnkey and custom options
  • Exclusive provider of The Biggest Loser Corporate Challenge

Mobile access

Apps are available for Android and iOS devices. Sync from Apple HealthKit (iOS) or Google Fit (Android) and take your challenges mobile. Employees can log activity in seconds a day.

Weekly Newsletter

From the get-go, employees are sent information and engaging emails that keep their health goals top of mind, encouraging them to log on. Employees will receive 52 weeks of health guidance, as well as progress reports and challenge updates throughout the year.

Online community

A variety of tools are designed to connect employees and build an online community for your workforce that revolves around health and fitness. Some of the tools used to engage employees in the online community include fitness challenges, fitness friends and accountability partners.

Results Tracking

Data that the user logs and tracks in the personal wellness account is populated into a results section in order to track progress. Data that can be tracked includes:

  • Weight change
  • Body measurements
  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Photo logs
  • Devices
  • Assessments

Get started

Getting your company and employees in on the action is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Become a member of Exectras program
  • Receive your Total Health Interactive “Getting Started Kit” upon membership sign-up or renewal
  • Distribute access to employees
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