As a membership-based discount services company, Exectras helps businesses level the playing field with Fortune 500 companies. By paying one small monthly fee, you are part of an exclusive program from a unique company that allows you to gain access to world-class business services at heavily discounted rates and deliver valuable free employee perks and benefits. 

No other program gives you the power to increase your business’s profitability, positively impact productivity and enhance the lives of your employees. With Exectras you can have it all.

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We understand your business

Because we are a small business too! We’ve been in your shoes – from starting your company, finding the best talent to support growth and the hard decisions you need to make along the way. We understand that you want to create a better life for your family, your employees and your customers, yet are caught up in a constant battle between improving your bottom line and promoting individual wellness through benefits and perks. 

That’s why we created the Exectras Program, where we have done the hard work for you and found, vetted and negotiated with the best-in-class service providers to bring our members superior offerings at great prices. We constantly research the market and listen to customer feedback to tailor our services to the current business landscape.

The more services and benefits you use, the more valuable the program becomes. From our superior merchant services programs to savings on insurance products, your business will cut costs by thousands of dollars a month.

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How we add value to your business every single day

With an Exectras Membership, you pay one small monthly fee and gain access to outstanding Fortune 500 business services at deeply discounted rates. At no extra cost, you also receive a one-of-a-kind menu of the most sought after benefits and perks for every employee.

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Business Services

How much time and money is your business spending on daily business operations? We provide Fortune 500 services at heavily discounted rates and unique programs that give you the ability to accept credit cards and never pay processor fees ever again. You will also save an average of 50% on your worker’s comp insurance. Your business will be operating at peak efficiency while driving increased revenue to improve your bottom line.

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Employee Perks

Providing a comprehensive employee benefits package doesn’t need to be expensive. With an Exectras membership, your employees automatically gain access to an unmatched menu of benefits that promote physical and financial wellness through programs such as 24/7/365 telehealthcare for the employee and their entire family and exclusive savings on auto and home insurance. Happy employees are productive employees, and these perks can help your business attract and retain the most qualified talent to improve your business.

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We leverage the power of our network to bring you these exclusive services

We saw how small and medium-sized businesses could benefit from these perks and services that are typically only affordable to Fortune 500 companies. That’s why we leverage our network of 800,000 businesses nationwide to provide these diverse offerings at significantly discounted rates. 

As an Exectras Member, you add strength to our network while we add value to your membership. The monthly or annual membership fee for the Exectras Program is based on the number of employees you have, so you are never paying for more access to services than what your business needs.


Membership Fees

Standard Membership

Total # of Employees Monthly Fee Annual Fee*
1-5 $75.00 $855.00
6-10 $125.00 $1,425.00
11-15 $175.00 $1,995.00
16-25 $250.00 $2,850.00
26-35 $300.00 $3,420.00
36-50 $350.00 $3,990.00

Custom Membership

Total # of Employees Monthly Fee Annual Fee*
51-250** $355.00 $4,047.00
251+ custom Quote

*Annual membership qualifies for a 5% discount.
** The membership fee is $5.00 per additional employee per month for all employees over 50, but less than 251.

Become a partner

Exectras and associations work well together. Our program offers your member companies great discounts and benefits that they can’t find anywhere else. By paying a small monthly fee based on the size of their company, they get access to a portfolio of carefully curated and managed business services and valuable employee perks.

For each monthly fee that a member pays for the Exectras program, your association could receive up to 20% in non-dues revenue. 

Learn More About Becoming an Exectras Partner

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