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Exectras is a membership-based, discount services company helping you run a smooth operation with motivated employees.

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Optimizing Business Performance

Business Services

When a company joins Exectras, they gain access to a number of heavily discounted services designed to reduce operational costs while increasing efficiency.

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Empowering Employees

Employee Perks

The Exectras membership program affords each employee access to a number of valuable perks, many of which are only available to large employer groups or are unique to Exectras.

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Boost Membership and Revenue

Exectras is helping hundreds of associations attract and retain members by offering a unique portfolio of services and employee perks they can’t get anywhere else while providing the association a source of non-fee revenue.

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What People Are Saying

As I told them, knock on wood, everyone that has converted to Exectras has been overwhelmingly satisfied…of the 15 vendors working with the IPA, you have the #1 track record for customer satisfaction. Thanks for all your support of our IPA members.

Kelly Haight

Eyetopia Director of Operations

It helps you run your practice more easily and profitably and I love it. As head of the largest Independent Physician’s Association, I’m always excited to find better ways for physicians to operate more successfully. Now I’m happy to say I found a great one: The Exectras Physicians Financial Health Plan.

Albert Holloway

President CEO
The IPA Association of America

Saved me $100s a month in processing fees (when I thought I had a good deal). Their benefits suite is amazing for small business: tele doctor (great for employees without health insurance) and much more. Great customer service whenever I have questions. Highly recommended!

Zalla Otten

Zalla Massage & Yoga